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Project management, is the application of knowledge, planning, scheduling, skills, tools, and techniques to describe, organize, oversee and control the various project processes and to achieve performance, cost and time objectives.

In other words managing projects can best be described in terms of the processes that you need to perform to successfully complete a project with the least challenges and expenses.

Istana clearly understands the discipline and tools of project management and uses these skills and experience to achieve successful projects for our clients.

  • develop and manage a project plan (Integration Management)

  • plan, define and manage project scope (Scope Management)

  • create a project schedule, plan resources and budget costs (Time & Cost Management)

  • develop a quality plan and carry out quality assurance and quality control activities (Quality Management)

  • perform organizational planning, manage staff acquisitions and promote team development (Human Resource Management)

  • develop a communications plan (Communications Management)

  • identify risks, prepare risk mitigation plans and execute contingency actions (Risk Management)

  • report progress to senior management and/or the project sponsor (Report Management)

  • when completed, close down the project and review it to ensure the lessons are learnt and widely understood (Best practice Management)

Istana's experienced project management team ensure that projects are completed to the highest quality standards within budget, timeframe and specification.

Our site managers work together with the local contractors, provide commissioning assistance to fine-tune customers' requirements, demonstrate performance compliance and provide training to client staff.

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